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We've rounded up the most stylish questions in an overview.
How do I redeem a gift card or gift membership?
When purchasing a gift card, either the buyer will receive the gift card which they can then send to the gift recipient, or one chooses to send it directly.

Gift Recipient then have to redeem the code at

and then click Enable.

Gift memberships will not be automatically renewed beyond the period for which they are purchased.

I can't find my bookings
Have you created more users? Vipps and email are two different logins. If you have logged in with Vipps when you purchased your booking, this is what you need to log in with. Similarly for email, you must log in using the same medium that you logged in with when you made the booking.

Go to:
Select log out via the menu in the right corner.Then log in again, select Vipps (or email if you were already logged in with Vipps) and see if your booking appears here:
I don't get my discount
When you log in to purchase your subscription that gives you a discount, you can log in with Vipps or Email.

If you are a member, remember to use the same email as when you signed up. You should log in with the same account that you logged in with when you purchased the subscription, which means that if you logged in by email when you purchase the subscription, you will need to log in by email to receive your discount when booking. This applies even if you make the purchase of the subscription itself with Vipps.

If you do not get your discount but are not sure who you are logged in with, you can log out by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner and log in again!

You can also click on the “Do not receive a membership price” button to enter the email you provided when purchasing the subscription to receive your discount. See picture above for example.
How do I make a booking?
We've put together some simple video clips that explain how you can book an hour with Period:

Periode only provides web-services to businesses, all booking or membership/subscription is done directly at the company you wish to purchase services from.

For example, you can find some of our clients here:
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