Customer Stories

We've rounded up some stories where some of our clients share their experience of Period.
Customer Case

Have you considered starting a sauna? - Automate your sauna with Periode

We had a chat with Lars Grov from Holmestrand Badstuforening who has automated their sauna using
Customer Case

Do you want to keep the subscribers? Choose Period over Invoice

Struggling to keep your subscribers? After transitioning to the Vipps-based subscription system Period, we have managed to reduce dropout rates from 40 per cent to 10 per cent.
Customer Case

Subscription payment for condominium associations?

We had a chat with Ingrid Ihle, board member of Hovin Borettlag, to hear what it has been like to use Periode as a payment solution for their subscription to bicycle parking!
Customer Case

Holmestrand Sauna Association - Spread the heat!

After two and a half years of ideas, dreams, plans and finally a final solution, it became a floating fjord sauna. After a process of offers and meetings with several providers of booking system, the presentation we received of Periode made the selection easy for us - it became Periode.