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How are moves carried out in Periode?
By the morning of the draft day, we attempt to carry out a move. If the move will not be completed, we will try again in the evening. We repeat this for three days and if the move is not completed by then, we will cancel the subscription. During this time, the customer will have the opportunity to address the problem by, for example, transferring money to the account.
How does a refund work?
When a transaction is cancelled or refunded, Periode immediately sends a notification that the amount is to be either released or returned to the customer's account.

As a rule, it takes 2-3 banking days for this to be completed. Note this can vary greatly depending on which bank and which card the customer used at the time of purchase.
I have encountered a problem, how can I get help?
No problem! We always want to meet customer needs. Send us an email at or by phone.
How can a customer cancel a subscription?
This can be easily done from Vipps under:

Payments > Fixed Payments > Manage Subscription.

The customer can also always manage their subscription at: https:/
A customer wants changes to their subscription, is this possible?
Yes, within certain limits one can change a subscription. This is, for example, by going from a “Basic” to “Premium” subscription. You will also be able to change the price of your subscription. Tools for these changes can be found in our user portal. Get in touch for a demo.
Is it possible to charge by card?
We see that most of our customers only want Vipps, as this is experienced smoothly for both user and customer. If you want to pay by card, we support this as well. Get in touch and we'll help you get started!
How to register guests?
Periode supports an easy flow to record visits.

Go to Products --> Details

Here you will find a QR code under QR to visitor registration.

You can print this out and hang it up at reception or similar. Customers who scan it will then be presented with a “Register visit” button, then they will see a confirmation screen with the current date.
How do I register that a customer has arrived?
Periode allows you to record visits for your customers manually. This is useful in cases where, for example, the customer has forgotten the mobile and cannot scan himself.

Search for the customer in Periode below Subscribers -> Details -> Register Visit
Where can I find statistics?
Under Statistics on

Here, for example, you can see visitors under Visitor Overview
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